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Achieving sustainable urban public transport - Making a commitment

Urban public transport is one of the most significant sectors to consider in creating a sustainable urban environment. Local authorities have documented their willingness to develop sustainable communities through the Aalborg Charter (1994). Many local authorities have also signed the CIVITAS declaration, which commits them to "achieve a significant change in modal split towards sustainable transport modes." Similarly public transport companies have signed the UITP charter on Sustainable Development (1).

In 2002, World Summit on Sustainable Development, which took place in Johannesburg called for a move from developing an agenda to implementing action. Responding to this, this document offers guidance on how to make improvements in the urban public transport sector and assist those organisations that have signed declarations to implement them.

Action needs commitment by individuals. For this reason the 'Making a Commitment' document was developed and promoted through the SIPTRAM project. This document targeted mayors, councillors, senior managers and other leaders of local and regional authorities across Europe who considered it important to make a top-level voluntary commitment to achieve environmental, social and economic improvements in urban public transport.


Click here to download the "Making a Commitment" document [pdf-file]

1 The signatories for these declarations can be found on the following web sites:
http://www.sustainable-cities.org/home/about/sub1/cities.html (Aalborg Charter)
www.civitas-initiative.org (CIVITAS Declaration)
http://www.uitp.com/project/susdev_Charter.cfm (UITP Charter on Sustainable Development).