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Sustainability in urban public transport

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Public transport is one of the most significant sectors to consider in creating a sustainable urban environment. Urban transport systems are now subjected to liberalisation, which is perceived partially as a threat, and partially as a chance to make systematic improvements and to develop high environmental and quality standards.

The SIPTRAM project aims to encourage local and regional authorities across Europe to improve the environmental and quality standards in urban public transport through the competitive tendering process. 82% of the project costs (approximate total cost of €600.000) is funded by the European Commission, Directorate General for the Environment, under the Community Framework for Co-operation to promote Sustainable Urban Development (COM, 2002/C 26/08).

A number of tools are available on this site to inform and motivate action towards sustainable public transport. See the Good Practice Guide for detailed information on successful cases in Europe, then make a commitment towards implementation in your local authority. Wondering who has signed up? See the list of signatories.

Please click here to download the SIPTRAM project summary [pdf-file]

This project concluded in May 2005

Project reference number: AP/SUB/ENV/2002/Urban