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Sustainability in Urban Public Transport - Survey 2004

The survey was one of the key initiatives of the SIPTRAM project. The survey aimed at providing the European Commission, decision-makers and transport experts in local authorities and transport companies with an improved understanding of environmental performance and quality standards in urban public transport.

The survey also took into account the work undertaken by the European Commission Directorate General Environment and Directorate General Energy and Transport including the Citizens Network Benchmarking Initiative.

More information on what the survey is about is available by clicking here [pdf-file]

Report on the findings of the Survey
Please click here to download the report [pdf-file].
Annex 2 of report: Responses collected, click here to download [excel file]

Download the survey:
|Sustainability in urban public transport - Survey 2004 [pdf)] [Word]|

|Durabilité dans les transports publics urbains - Enquête 2004 [pdf] [Word]|

|Zukunftsfähiger öffentlicher nahverkehr in Europa - Umfrage 2004 [pdf] [Word]|

|Sostenibilità nei Transporte Pubblici Urbani - Indagine 2004 [pdf] [Word]|

|Transporte urbano público sostenible - Encuesta 2004 [pdf] [Word]|