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Sustainable urban transport
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Hidden subsidies


Hidden Subsidies for Urban Car Transportation
The results of the studies to calculate how much private car transportation is subsidised by municipal budgets in some European cities have been published. Results are available in English -Ergebnisse auf Deutsch [pdf-files]. For more information on the hidden subsidies initiative click here

Better Public Transport for Europe through Competitive Tendering
Click here to download the good practice guide and to obtain more information on the publication 

Sustainable Transport - Solutions for Growing Demand
(WISIONS of Sustainability)
A short publication designed to promote selected resource efficiency projects. WISIONS presents here four projects (including the SIPTRAM project) which have been evaluated as making a significant impact on global energy and resource efficiency. To download the publication click here [pdf-file]

SIPTRAM project updates
Electronic newsletters prepared on a six month basis highlighting the key activities and achievements of the SIPTRAM project.
Issue 5: June 2005 | Issue 4: January 2005 | Issue 3: June 2004 | Issue 2: December 2003 | Issue 1: July 2003

Other information available related to sustainable urban public transport
Media briefing note [pdf-file] on the EU Court of Justice decision on the Magdeburg Public Tendering Case


European Survey 2004
A report on the results of the European survey on Sustainability in Urban Public Transport can be downloaded here. For more information on the survey click here

Better Public Transport for Europe - European Workshop
The workshop was held in Bruxelles on the 19 May 2005. For more information on the workshop and to download presentations please click here

Criteria and standards developed through a multi-stakeholder Dialogue process 
The multi-stakeholder dialogue process aimed to provide a link between local transport authorities from cities and other actors in the transport field. This was organised in the form of 3 different roundtables on the following topics (more information available below):

Roundtable 1: Technical standards for vehicles | Roundtable 2: Improving environmental standards | Roundtable 3: Developing and implementing social criteria

National Workshops 
A series of national workshops geared towards employees of transport authorities, local urban transport companies, members of transport networks and other relevant organisations were organised as part of the project. More information available below:

German workshop | Italian workshop | French workshop | Spanish workshop