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Sustainable urban transport
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List of Signatories

Below you can find a list of people or organisations that registered their commitment.

Related Public Authority: Comune di Genova
Signatory: Arcangelo Merella
Function: Assesore alla mobilitá urbana

Related Public Authority: Berlin Senate
Signatory: Claudia Hämmerling
Function: Spokeswoman for Town Planning (Bündnis 90)

Related Public Authority: Innsbruck City Council
Signatory: Gerhard Fritz
Function: City Councillor

Related Public Authority: Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council
Signatory: Hannu Pentilä
Function: Executive Director of Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council

Related Public Authority: Kongress der kommunalen ÖPNV-Beauftragten
Signatory: Hans-Joachim Ritter
Function: Sprecher der BundesAG der kommunalen ÖPNV-Beauftragten

Related Public Authority: City of Darmstadt
Signatory: Klaus Feuchinger
Function: City Councillor for Urban Ecology

Related Public Authority: Stadt Köln
Signatory: Manfred Waddey
Function: Vorsitzender des Bau- und Verkehrausschusses der Stadt Köln

Related Public Authority: Stadt Frankfurt (Oder)
Signatory: Martin Patzelt
Function: Oberbürgermeister

Related Public Authority: City of Helsinki
Signatory: Pekka Sauri
Function: Deputy Mayor

Related Public Authority: Nikolaev City Council
Signatory: Vladimir D. Chayka
Function: Mayor of Nikolaev

Related Public Authority: the Master Plan Organization of Thessaloniki as well as the Supervising Board for the Public Transpo
Signatory: Yiannis Toskas
Function: Tranport Planner