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  German study

How much does your Municipality invest in Private Transport?

The results of the studies carried out are available in both English and German (in English) (auf Deutsch) [pdf-file]

Press release (19.05.05) on the results of the study are also available [pdf-file]

The aim of the Hidden Subsides initiative was to investigate how much a municipality subsidises motorised private transport. Based on a pilot study, which was undertaken between 2000 and 2001 in Stuttgart, Dresden and Bremen (Germany), a tool kit has been developed to analyse budgets to find obvious, as well as hidden sources of income and expenditure for motorised private transport. Results of the study in Germany showed on average the cities were subsidising motorised private transport by €128 per citizen.

The objective of the study in the framework of the SIPTRAM project was to raise awareness about the amount of public money that is spent for private transport - which citizens are not usually aware of. The cities which participated in the study were Genève (Switzerland), Ferrara (Italy) and Graz (Austria).

More information on the pilot study, in German, is available here

A summary of the study, in English, is available here [pdf-file]