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Good Practice Guide

Urban public transport is one of the most significant sectors to consider in creating a sustainable urban environment. Many urban public transport systems are now subjected to competitive tendering, which is perceived partially as a threat, and partially as a chance to make systematic improvements and to develop high environmental and social standards.

Experience from Sweden and Denmark indicates that competitive tendering can lead to increased efficiency together with high procurement standards resulting in better quality and cheaper public transport services.

Research has been undertaken in Gotebörg (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Dijon (France), Frankfurt/Oder, Bocholt, Frankfurt/Main and the Region of Hannover (Germany) on how they have improved environmental, quality standards and cost effectiveness in urban public transport through implementing or preparing for competitive tendering.

Specifically the guide provides an information source for:

  • Authorities and operators who are designing contracts and tendering for the first time.
  • Authorities who are interested in improving the social and environmental aspects of the awarding of contracts.

The guide is available on-line by clicking below. The full version of the guide is available as a pdf-file. Download Acrobat Reader here:

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Download full version of the Good Practice Guide

Zukunftsfähiger öffenlicher Nahverkehr für Europa: Gute Beispiele nachmachen - download the guide here [pdf-file 1.011KB].

Important information: European Commission text concerning Public Procurement Rules [pdf-file], provided by the European Commission, DG Environment and DG Internal Market.